1. No. IV. Seminar-Cum-Workshop On Problems Of Farm Production Planning and Programming (1964), Rs. 10.00.
  2. No. VI. Seminar on Farm Production Planning and Programming (1965), Rs. 8.00.
  3. No. VIII. Seminar on Foodgrains Buffer Stocks In India (1969), Rs.12.00.
  4. No. XII. Seminar on Rural Development For Weaker Sections (1974) – Rs. 25.00.
  5. No.XIII. Seminar on the Role of Irrigation in the Development of India’s Agriculture (1976), Rs. 30.00.
  6. No. XV. Seminar on Crop Insurance (1983), Rs. 60.00.
  7. Technology Options and Economic Policy for Dryland Agriculture: Potential and Challenges Edited by Dr. N.S. Jodha (1989), Rs. 250.00.
  8. Livestock Economy of India (1989), Rs. 95.00.
  9. Non-Agricultural Employment in India : Trends and Prospects Edited By Dr. Pravin Visaria And Dr. Rakesh Basant, Rs. 360.00.
  10. Agricultural Development in Hilly Areas: Constraints And Potential Edited By Dr. S. L. Shah, Rs. 250.00.
  11. Mechanisation of Punjab Agriculture and its Impact Edited by T.S. Chahal,

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